Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Lifestyle changes, trying to become healthier.

I know I usually talk about makeup, hair, beauty, all of that jazz but beauty comes from within and sometimes in life, we go through difficult phases in our lives and let ourselves go, we let negative things take control of our lives until we hit rock bottom, then we decide to do something about it when we can't take it any longer....For me, one of those things was my eating and fitness, I comfort ate until I could comfort eat no more, then one day, I looked in the mirror. What have I done to myself?
I decided to join a site called my fitness pal, it's an amazing site, a site where you can track and log your food, the calories, the carbs in the food, all that jazz and it's also site where you can make friends to support you and relate to and give you tips and tricks. Seeing your friends on my fitness pal suceed, it is so motivational. I joined slimming world about 4 months ago, I gained half a stone on it, even when sticking religiously so I unfortunately left. That was even more of a setback. I admittedly have been joined to myfitnesspal for quite a while, but to really take on a new lifestyle, no no... not a diet, a lifestyle change you have to mentally be in the right place. Today is that day for me, today is the day I finally feel ready. I've been trying hard but not putting my all into this, eating great but snacking on rubbish. I want to just eat healthy, and if I want that cake, guess what, I'm going to have that cake, just limit myself to not have 5 or 10, just one.I truly believe, once you start eating healthily, changing your diet, working out, you start to become happier and full of life.
I personally want to loose around 70lb,I just need to keep reminding myself that I didn't gain this weight overnight, nor will I loose it overnight. It should take me around 35 weeks, that's about 8 months. No more excuses.

"Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live"


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