Thursday, 3 July 2014

ROAD TO HAIR RECOVERY - Hair products for £1?

I'm sure you've all heard about the wondors of Argan oil. I was walking around my local asda and noticed they had a pound section, I saw this Argan oil shampoo there and at a pound I couldn't resist. I heard they sell the conditioner and treatment at the "99p store" and "poundland" aswell.
So, hair products for £1? Does it actually work? Well, it didn't do wondors but in conjuction with my Redken Anti-Snap, L'Oreal Intense repair it did a pretty damn good job and didn't feel much different to my Tigi shampoo.I found I had to use alot to get it to lather up and make my hair feel clean, the really damaged parts of my hair felt super dry afterwards until I moisturised it. I did like it and at £1 I would re-purchase. I'm thinking of popping along to my local poundland and picking up the conditioner.

(Sorry about the random water trickling down the bottle!)

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