Thursday, 3 July 2014

ROAD TO HAIR RECOVERY - Amazing products that saved my hair.

It's currently 1am on a Thursday evening and I've decided to write a blog hair is finally getting in much better condition! *PARTAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY* and it's all because I've finally found products that work!

The first product that has done wonders for my hair is Redken Extreme Anti-Snap. Oh my asghasljglaksjg this stuff is amazing! I seriously swear by it.You basically use it after you've washed and towel dried your hair. It's a leave in protein treatment and it makes my hair so soft and has defiantly saved my hair. I use two pumps in my hair. I've had it for around two months, and theres loads left! I would 100% repurchase
 Now, to moisturise my hair I use the L'Oreal Professionel Intense Repair treatment. A little bit goes a long way with this. Your hair feels super soft afterwards. I would defiantly repurchase, before this I had the one in the pink tub, that was equally as good, I suppose the "intense repair" just drew me in!This one is a rinse out treatment and is to be used as you would use a conditioner.I find it works better when I towel dry my hair a little before applying it. I whack it all on, leave it on for about 5-10 minutes and voila!

Okay, these two, I leave in all day and overnight if I can, castor oil and olive oil. The castor oil is meant to help your hair to grow and thicken. I massage the castor oil into my scalp and my eyebrows and the olive oil I put into a spray bottle and spray it all in the mid-lengths and the ends. My hair does feel "repaired" after this, not silky soft, but alot more healthier. The castor oil is pretty thick, make sure you get 100% castor oil, and make sure it's cold pressed. I've just ran out of Olive oil so I couldn't take a picture, it's just any old one from my chemist. I got this castor oil from Amazon.

So there you have it, these are the products that I feel have really saved my hair. Of course theres other products that I use that are very good also, but these are the ones that I feel have made a HUGE difference and really have saved my hair.

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