Thursday, 27 March 2014

HAIR 101 - DIY Blonde highlights and lowlights at home.

Okay, so let me introduce you all to Nicole. Nicole is my bestest chummy everrrrr! Whenever Nicole needs her hair or makeup doing or advice she comes to me, whenever I need advice on clothes I go to her, were just like goddesses really... Let me give you all a little background to Nicoles hair, we've been doing her blonde for a good 2 years now so as you can imagine this was beginning to take its toll on her hair so we had to be super duper careful not to overprocess her hair. Anyways so me and her decided rather than going for the normal bland one colour all over, we were going to attempt to do highlights and lowlights ourselves, at home with no professional qualifications just knowledge i've acquired over time.

What did we use? 2 Sachets of Jerome Russel High Lift Powder Bleach RRP £4 .Volume 30 Peroxide (We used volume 30 because Nicoles hair has already been lightened and was blonde and we just wanted a few highlights, basically lighter bits running through it and to lighten the roots, we would have used a Volume 40 if all of her hair was the same colour as her re-growth but if we used a Volume 40 on her already pre-lightened hair it would have damaged it beyond repair) Also knowing that if we just done highlights Nicoles hair would have been all platinum blonde which wasn't what we wanted so we put some low-lights in to break it up which is basically some darker tones throughout her hair. For the lowlights we used a Garnier Nutrisse Box Dye, I can't remember what colour it was exactly but it was something like a Caramel 6.3 which was around £6 and hair foils, pintail comb.


I started off by sectioning Nicoles hair in half, straight down the middle, then split these sections in half sideways, and clipped it up, so now Nicoles hair's in 4 sections (I hope you're following along fine lol!) Concentrating on one strand of hair I sort of weaved the end of my pin-tail comb through the bottom of her hair. Like so...

(Heres a picture I got off of google images, I did smaller thinner pieces of hair on Nicole, same method)

I had the hair foil peice under this peice of hair, then I put the hair i've just weaved with the pintail comb onto the foil and applied the bleach, used a hair dying brush and applied the bleach to this hair, then folded up the foil so that the hair is inside of it and went on to the next section, I would do this bit with the low light (darker colour) and so on and so forth in whatever order I wanted, I sometimes did 3 lowlights to 1 highlight sometimes 3 highlights to one lowlight.. We wanted the hair to be pretty blonde on the top and around the back and sides so that when she tied her hair up it would be blonde so I put more highlights in these areas, it's all about personal preference. I'd say we left the bleach on for an hour maximum, it says to leave on for 60-90 minutes but because of the prelightened hair we were being careful and kept checking on the hair every 20 minutes.

                  (This is Nicoles hair before! I do wish we had some during, she was a foil head!)

 (This was Nicoles hair after, again i'm sorry for the bad picture we were in a rush and wasn't              even thinking of taking photos to put up here at that time and the hair was still wet) 

(This is Nicoles hair around a month and a half after we dyed her hair, as you can see her                                                       regrowth is starting to come through) 

If any of you were wondering, Nicole keeps her blonde locks looking fresh by using the Pro:Voke Touch of silver daily nourishing conditioner, which is available from boots for around £3 and Argan oil, also available from boots around £13


I'm going to do blog posts all about bleaching hair, maintaining blonde, maintaining red, hair disasters like your hair going bright ginger after bleaching, ect!


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