Thursday, 27 March 2014


SCHWARZKOPF REPAIR CONDITIONER FOR DAMAGED HAIR 1000ml. Woaaaaaaaaah okay guys so this bottle of conditioner is seriously mahoooooooosive! Schwarzkopf claims that the Essensity range " offers tailor made products to cater to the needs of coloured hair which is damaged or dry. It repairs, moisturizes and seals the cuticle for superb color retention, reflection and pure softness". The Essensity range by Schwarzkopf is an organic range which are free from 
  • Silicones 
  • Mineral oil
  • Parabens
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Sulfate-free
Anyway, i use this as my "daily" conditioner, it's good but not AMAZING. I do really like this conditioner and my hair has improoved since using it. Downside being that the bottle doesn't come with a pump like other salon sized shampoos and conditioners do. I leave it on for at least 3 minutes, it does make my hair feel softer and conditioned and but not AMAZINGLY soft. It has a odd smell, a natural kind of smell which funnily I really like, I suppose that ties in with the "organic" side of the range. The consistency is runny which is one of the downsides to this product, I feel like I really have to lather it on my hair (About 3 handfuls, bare in mind my hair is just at my collar bones, not long at all) to get enough on my hair to make some difference. 

The 1000ml tub of Conditioner retails for around £40, I got mine from TK MAXX for around £20 (TK MAXX is seriously bargain central!)  If you'd like a smaller bottle their around £10 for 200ml. Overall I do like this product but I wouldn't buy again unless it was on some crazy kind of good deal and certainly wouldn't pay £40.

  • The fact that it is organic and free from a load of rubbish.
  • Consistency
  • Price

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