Friday, 28 March 2014

HAIR 101 - Bleaching hair, why does it go orange?

If you're about to or even thinking of bleaching your hair, you should probably read this.
Why does our hair go orange when we bleach it? Let me put this basically, bleach lifts our hair around 3-4 shades. Hair colours are "named" by numbers 1 would be a black , 2 would be a dark brown and so on and 10 is platinum blonde.

           (In another picture i've borrowed off google showing the natural hair colours)
Okay so bleach lifts 3-4 shades right? So say you were going from the third colour in from the right the bleach would lift your hair 3-4 shades which would be fine but because our hair is made up of different pigments of reds, oranges which gives us the gorgeous natural brunette colours we have. When we bleach our hair we are basically stripping everything from our hair, which just leaves us with the pigments our hair is made up of leaving it bright orange.

Another picture borrowed from Google, sorry Google! So the colours on the left is the natural colour, and the colours on the right is the underlying colour of these colours so when you bleach your hair these are the colours that come out, understand?

So your hairs orange, what do you do now? People think to use a toner. I can't stress enough that toner does NOT remove ORANGE shades it removes BRASSY shades. If you don't want to bleach your hair again but you don't want orange hair add a demi- permanent hair colour which basically just stains the hair, you mix the demi-permanent colour with a 10 volume peroxide.
Toners TONE your hair they don't make your hair colour any lighter or any darker.

I hope this helped and wasn't too complicated to understand

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